Surf lagoon, waves and other activities

What is a Wavegarden?

A Wavegarden is a unique, world class, inland surfing environment which creates consistent surf conditions out of the ocean. The surf lake features revolutionary man-made surf lagoons which use patented Wavegarden technology. The lagoons deliver high quality, authentic surf waves and create ideal conditions for surfing and other surf sports. For more info see


How big will the Wavegarden Scotland lagoon be?

The Wavegarden Scotland lagoon will measure approximately 155 metres in length by 155 metres in width at its widest extremes. This is roughly equivalent to 6 football pitches. Here is a size comparison diagram.


What is the layout of the lagoon?

The lagoon is divided into different surfing zones. These include the ‘Peak’ zone in the central part of the lagoon, which is designed for experienced surfers and the ‘Bays’ which are located at each edge of the lagoon, which are perfectly suited to beginner and novice surfers.


What surfing experience is needed?

At Wavegarden Scotland we will accommodate non-surfers, beginners and improver surfers, through to expert surfers simultaneously. A performance pathway exists for guests to progress through the zones of the surf lagoon commencing in the ‘Bays’, and improving their skills until they are ready to take on the ‘Peak’ zone.


What types of waves can be generated?

The lagoon is capable of generating a variety of waves, from gentle, spilling beginner waves, right through to high-performance barrelling waves up to 1.8m in height. The size and speed of waves in the lagoon can be varied, making it suitable for all skill levels, from beginner to expert.


How are the waves made?

Waves in the lagoon are generated by moving water over a shallow profile that causes a wave to form, and then fold on itself – just like an ocean swell becomes a breaking wave when it moves over a reef or a sand bar. In the case of the Wavegarden Cove, which is the technology Wavegarden Scotland will use, water is moved by a mechanical device located along the central axis of the lagoon. The device displaces over 30 tonnes of water, and gets it moving at over 6 metres per second to create a perfectly formed surfing wave.


Are the waves always the same size and type?

Waves in the ‘Peak’ zone and the ‘Bays’ can be mechanically identical in size and shape (which creates an ideal training environment), but can also change to some degree in height and speed, and can also ‘section’.


Is the wave powerful, does it have ‘push’?

The beauty of the Wavegarden ‘Cove’ wave generating technology is that energy is constantly imparted into the wave through the movement of the wave generator as it completes a cycle. This ensures that waves have consistent power, shape, height and speed through the full ride.


Is it easier to learn to surf at Wavegarden Scotland than in the ocean?

In short, ‘Yes!’ Beginners experience a vastly accelerated rate of learning in a Wavegarden ‘Cove’ compared to the ocean. The predictability of the waves generated in the ‘Bays’, the length of rides, and the removal of other distractions allows beginners to focus on technique, whilst enjoying closer supervision from surf coaching staff.


What about progression for experienced surfers?

Just like tennis or golf, progression in surfing depends on practicing; which is linked how regularly you surf and the number of waves you get to ride. Unlike other sports, surfing requires the right weather conditions being present, and for that to occur in daylight hours, at a time and place you are free to participate. At Wavegarden Scotland these inconveniences are removed, allowing surfers to surf as regularly as they choose, at whatever time best suits them. Wavegarden Scotland is also the ideal laboratory to advance your surfing with instant feedback from instructors and consistent and frequent waves.


What other activities be available at Wavegarden Scotland?

At Wavegarden Scotland you will be able to surf, but also enjoy a wide range of additional activities and facilities that will create a fantastic destination for surfers and non-surfers alike. These include includes country paths through the beautiful natural landscape, bike tracks, a wild play area, dedicated bike skills track, zip wire, water tubing area, and elevated walkways through some of the wetlands on site. There will also be a café and free to access toilets in the hub building.


What will it cost to surf at Wavegarden Scotland?

There will be different pricing offered depending upon which zone of the lagoon a guest is surfing within, whether it is a peak or off-peak time period, and whether the guest is an adult or student/concession holder. Pricing for surf sessions and lessons will be announced in the months leading up to the opening of the facility. A key driver for us opting for Wavegardens Cove technology is the increased capacity in the lagoon, which will allow us to be more inclusive with our pricing.