Is surfing at Wavegarden Scotland safe?

Wavegarden Scotland is designed with safety as a fundamental priority. At Wavegarden Scotland, most of the hazards of ocean surfing are either avoided, managed or minimised to greatly improve surfer safety. The use of surf lifeguards specifically trained in the lagoon environment and video monitoring systems further enhances guest safety.


I’ve never surfed before – is it safe for me?

Absolutely! Wavegarden Scotland will be a safe surfing environment perfect for people of all ages, most fitness and skill levels, and is ideal for introducing the sport of surfing to those who do not have access to waves. It is also a fantastic environment for persons with disabilities to learn to surf. At Wavegarden Scotland, ‘surfing is now for everyone’.


How do you ensure a surfers’ safety from the wave generating device?

The wave generating device is located beneath a pier which physically separates the surfer from the device. The pier is shrouded in a mesh barrier that guests cannot penetrate, but allows water to pass through, and has no effect on the size, quality or shape of the wave.


Is it dangerous if a surfer falls off their board?

It is actually less dangerous at Wavegarden Scotland if a surfer falls off their board than in the ocean, as there are no submerged, non-visible hazards below the water surface and the waves can be turned off in an emergency.