Proposed accommodation

PLEASE NOTE: We want Wavegarden Scotland to be a positive community asset. In addition to complying with all relevant laws, we will also keep in close dialogue with our neighbours via a regular neighbourhood forum (details will be announced in due course) to ensure a constructive relationship with our neighbours. Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook for future announcements.


What range of accommodation will be available?

There will be choice of small pods directly adjacent to the cove as well as slightly larger lodges. The pods will provide sleeping accommodation for 1 – 4 persons while the lodges will sleep 4 – 10. The lodges replace previously planned wild camping after feedback from our public consultation indicated there is demand and need for larger groups, for example charities, sports teams and youth groups. On evaluating these ideas, we realised adding these elements will also make more economic sense for the development and give it a greater chance of success through a more diverse offering, which in turn will benefit the local economy.


How many of each type of accommodation will there be?

60 pods and 31 lodges (including 1 service lodge for the zip wire/ski jump facility).


How will you operate the accommodation?

The pods and the lodges will be booked directly through the Wavegarden Scotland’s operational hub and website on a short-term accommodation basis. The pods will be owned by Wavegarden Scotland and rented out. The lodges will be available for sale on a ground pitch license where the owner/investor of the lodge will be able to use it for a set number of days per year and Wavegarden Scotland will use it as accommodation for the surf lake and leisure facilities for the rest of the time.


Will the lodges be sold as holiday homes/second residences?

No, they are more akin to ‘an investment opportunity with perks’, the perks being a small number of days for the investor/owner to use the lodges themselves free of charge. The proposed ground pitch license is very different to a residential lease and will not allow any permanent or secondary residences at the lodges. Indeed the City of Edinburgh Council are likely to license the lodges to this effect. The lodge accommodation will be used as accommodation for the leisure facility only. The lodges themselves will also be of a design and scale suitable to for a countryside setting.


How will you control how the lodges are used?

Please see above. Owners and users will need to agree to our safety, antisocial behaviour, noise level and fair use policies as a condition of staying at Wavegarden Scotland or taking a ground pitch license.


How will occupiers access the accommodation?

The development is designed to be car free. There will be no private vehicles permitted to access the lodges or pods. Instead, lodge owners and other guests will park in the main car park and be transported across the ground using a fleet of small electric carts. Accessing the accommodation in this way, without cars, will be a condition of use and/or the ground pitch license for lodge owners or other guests.


What will the split for charities and local community use be? How will these be costed?

Charities, youth and community groups will be able to rent the lodges and pods at reduced or subsided rates. Wavegarden Scotland is working with a number of organisations to ensure that various charities, Scottish pathway and high performance athletes, as well as school children from within the City of Edinburgh Council legislative boundary, will have a chance to visit through subsidised stays. These arrangements are currently under discussion and will be finalised once planning is granted.