Park access and opening hours

Please NoteThe country park is currently under development and phase 1 will be open from July 2018 (here is a phasing plan of the country park). No public access is currently permitted, as Craigpark Quarry is an active construction site and therefore access rights (‘right to roam’) do not apply (


How many access points to the park will there be to the park?

Wavegarden Scotland will have one vehicular entrance for the public via one main car park off the EICA road. A second vehicular entrance off Wilkeston Road will be reserved for service personnel only.

The main foot/cycle path entrance from Ratho village is located on Hallcroft Park. A number of smaller footpaths do connect to the country park from the Craigpark CALA estate, and we envisage these will primarily be used by CALA estate residents to access the country park.


What kind of paths and walkways will be available in the park?

Here is a detailed path hierarchy diagram to help you.


Where will users of the country park only be to walk/free to roam?

More than 80% of the park will be open to visitors for free. This includes country paths through the beautiful natural landscape, bike tracks, a wild play area, a dedicated bike skills track, and elevated walkways through some of the wetlands on site. The country park will be open to the public from dawn to dusk while the proposed leisure facilities including toilets, café and sporting facilities will be open during Wavegarden Scotland’s opening hours, which will be determined by the licensor Edinburgh City Council at a later date.


What will the opening hours be?

The country park will be open to the public from dawn to dusk. The surf lake and leisure facilities’ opening hours are yet to be determined by the licensor Edinburgh City Council, but our feasibility study has suggested 10am to 9pm for the surf late, 10am to 7pm for the non-surf activities, and 10am to 11pm for the café.


NOTE: In addition to complying with local noise level laws, we will also keep in close dialogue with our neighbours via a regular neighbourhood forum (details will be announced in due course) to ensure this does not create undue disturbance. Please keep and eye on our website and Facebook for details.


Will there be places for cyclists to secure their bikes?

Yes, as part of the proposed leisure facility we have allowed for 58 cycle parking spaces.


What security/safety measures will be in place for those visiting the country park?

There will be signage through the park with lighting and CCTV in key areas. Wavegarden Scotland will maintain the country path paths. 24/7 security staff will be on site to monitor the proposed leisure facilities and accommodation and ensure noise levels are kept to the required level. We operate a zero tolerance policy towards antisocial behaviour and we envision that the future neighbourhood forum will offer an excellent conduit for proactive dialogue on this.