Overall Development

What is the size of the development?

The overall landmass of the development is 237,266m2 (23.7 hectares) and the country park area is 77.6% of that area. The proposed development (surf lake, accommodation, leisure facilities and maintenance areas) will cover the remaining 22.4%.

In addition to the country park, visitors will be able to access, free of charge, the proposed toilets, café and communal areas of the leisure facility during opening hours even if they do not want to surf or use the other activity facilities. Please see the table below:


Area Summary Table

Zone Area Percentage of Total Site
Total Site 237,266 m2 100%
Country Park (Free public access dawn till dusk) 184,060 m2 77.6%
Facilities with free entry (during Wavegarden operational hours) 22,951 m2 9.7%
Facilities with paid use/entry 26,470 m2 11.1%
Maintenance facility (no public access) 3,785 m2 1.6%

Here is a diagrammatic masterplan of the areas above.


When will it be built?

The country park is currently under development and phase 1 will be open from July 2018 (here is a phasing plan of the country park). No public access is currently permitted, as Craigpark Quarry is an active construction site and therefore access rights (‘right to roam’) do not apply (http://www.outdooraccess-scotland.com/sites/default/files//docs/Scottish_Outdoor_Access_Code_-_Part_2_Access_rights.pdf).

The proposed surf loch, accommodation and leisure facilities are currently undergoing planning determination, with a decision expected on 25th April 2018. You can view the planning application’s (ref no. 17/02471/FUL) progress here.


Will this development replace the country park development originally proposed?

Wavegarden Scotland will not replace the country park development. The Wavegarden will be a leisure facility within the country park and is designed to complement the surrounding park area. Indeed, the country park and its features, including paths, flora and fauna, will be enhanced and maintained by the investment and income generated by the Wavegarden.