Noise control and live events

NOTE: In addition to complying with local noise level laws, we will also keep in close dialogue with our neighbours via a regular neighbourhood forum (details will be announced in due course) to ensure a constructive working relationship.


How much noise is generated by the wave generator?

The wave generating equipment is effectively silent when taking into account background noise. The operation of the lagoon creates the natural sound of peeling waves, which has minimal overall auditory impact.


What hours will the surf lake and other activities be operational and will neighbouring residents be able to hear them?

We intend to keep noise levels well within the required noise level limits. The surf lake will be operational from 7am to 9pm with other activities in place from 10am-7pm.


What do you intend to do about troublesome guests and visitors – for example, stag parties?

The facility will be staffed 24/7. We will also implement a zero-tolerance policy on troublesome guests and visitors. In response to public and local residents’ feedback, we will not be providing over-night accommodation for hen or stag parties, even though our previously-commissioned economic impact survey suggested this as a potential target market. We hope this shows our commitment to ensuring Wavegarden is a positive and responsible neighbour.


Will there be any competitions and live music events that might disturb residents?

We are not seeking a permanent outdoor event license and any future surf competitions or similar events will be regulated under an ‘occasional license’, and will also comply with existing noise level laws. We will endeavour to keep any disturbance to a minimum and any event hours would be carefully controlled.