It’s been a while….

It’s been over 2 years since we last posted, so we thought an update was long overdue! First and foremost this project is not ‘dead in the water’! As we’re sure most will appreciate, a project of this size takes a lot of planning and effort to get off the ground. There certainly has been a lot of hard work going on in the background.

We have now signed an exclusivity agreement with Wavegarden for the territory of Scotland and submitted our Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) with the City of Edinburgh Council. We are very excited about submitting our planning application by the end of March 2017!

There have been 3 key developments that have injected significant momentum into the ‘Wavegarden Scotland’ project and enabled us to progress the above:

  1. Surfing has become an Olympic Sport! This is fantastic news for the sport’s global exposure:
  2. Wavegarden has delivered two commercial facilities at Surf Snowdonia, Wales ( and Nland Surf Park, Texas ( Surf Snowdonia claim to have welcomed 150,000 visitors to their facility during 2016 which is very encouraging.
  3. Wavegarden is about to launch a new product called ‘The Cove’ that we will be installing at our Edinburgh project. This new product can produce a much higher frequency of wave and the technology on which it is based is much more reliable.

We hope this gives those who are interested in the project a good summary update. We will be posting more frequently on this website as the planning application gathers pace and when Wavegarden formally launch ‘The Cove’.



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